The production and use of energy and goods causes greenhouse gas (such as carbon dioxide or methane) as a waste product. Enriched within earth´s atmosphere, this gas causes the climate change with its dreaded consequence - the global warming.

In Germany, industrial production emits about one fifth of overall greenhouse gases. To reduce this load, a sophisticated energy efficiency management will be obligatory. Its aim is to minimize the industrie´s energy consumption, which automatically means to lower the amount of greenhouse gas. Applying intelligent solutions and benchmarking here can save at least 20 percent of energy, providing the following benefits:

  • Relief of environment and climate
  • Lower energy costs for companies
  • Reduced dependence on fossil energy sources
  • With prices rising and resources fading, energy efficiency managing technologies have become desired globally; by applying and selling such technologies, the competitive position of German industries will be strengthened
  • New jobs can be created, existing jobs will be protected

All these arguments have lead to the research project Energy efficiency management and benchmarking, which is funded by the German federal ministry of education and research (BMBF). INOSIM is involved here as a project partner of leading enterprises and institutions (Bayer, Cognis, TU Dortmund, RTWH Aachen, among others). Project work has started in the autumn of 2010, research duration is projected over three years. Bayer Technology Services is in charge of the project´s administration.

The project is aiming to develop an energy efficiency management system which shall be distributed and processed worldwide. This new system will be based on proven solutions such as Bayer Material Science´s STRUCTese or INOSIM simulation software, together with INOSIM consulting services for process engineering.

In the tried and tested manner, INOSIM will contribute to this highly ambitious research project in two ways:

  1. INOSIM solutions will be applied to design the pilot production of two participating companies (bitop AG, instrAction GmbH), thus analyzing and optimizing their energy balances.
  2. INOSIM solutions will also be extended by energy efficiency calculating modules, enabling future customers to integrate energy management and benchmarking.

On the project´s website, you will find a lot of further information together with a complete list of the engaged companies and research institutions:

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