The Leading-Edge Cluster Competition of German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is aiming to foster strategical partnerships between companies, scientific institutions, and other partners. With innovative consulting services for process simulation, INOSIM takes part in this competition.

Those who win the race by contributing the most innovative approaches are rewarded with the state´s financial support in research and development. Generating key technologies which are close to the markets is the target, thus strengthening German positions in worldwide competition.

CleanTechNRW is one of the leading clusters taking part in BMBF´s competition. This initiative of regional enterprises, in which INOSIM is represented, follows two approaches: On one hand, economical and scientific skills shall be bundled to be applied in the competition. On the other hand, the cluster is aiming to develop industrial technologies for climate protection and to place them on the markets, thus lowering the emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases wordwide. Due to Northrine-Westphalia´s industrial tradition, energy, steel and chemical industries stand in the focus. In all these areas, technologies for reducing carbon dioxide, for using greenhouse gas as an industrial resource, and for storing energy and heat shall be developed.

Especiallly small and medium sized companies such as INOSIM play a crucial rule in CleanTechNRW. Many of these companies are highly specialized “Hidden Champions”, like INOSIM with its sophisticated simulation software. Skills like that shall be applied in the competition.

In September, 2011, the competition´s deciding phase is about to start. Together with CleanTechNRW, INOSIM already has reached the finals. A successful outcome can be expected, thus, from February, 2012,  INOSIM solutions may be proven and even be further developed as key technologies against climate change.

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