The Frankfurt/Main location of Siemens AG was the place where the first SIEMENS + INOSIM Application Day (07.09.2011) was to happen. About thirty experts from industry and science met here for talks about the practical and scientific application of process simulation software and consulting services in life science and batch processing. The meeting turned out to become a lively exchange, granting a lot of new ideas and solutions for the visitors´ business dealings.

The speakers invited by SIEMENS and INOSIM each contributed valuable experiences from their daily work. Subjects like virtual plant, simulation in downstream processing, modeling of unconventional unit operations, simulation in plant design, logistics simulation, or the (re-)design in life science made clear that this was a meeting of experts.

Thanks to the speakers, as well as to the highly involved audience, an intense discussion arose. It turned out that the options provided by INOSIM were not at all aware even to experienced users. That applied when it came to increasing efficiency and - last but not least - cost control and output generation.

Outside the plenum, the visitors found further ways to interact. Generating new plans and projecting cooperations were easy things to do in this enviroment.

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