Development of the future chemical plant has just begun. INOSIM is in it right from the start. Within EU research project F3 Factory, our consulting services for process engineering are helping to find new ways towards a more sustainable production.

F3 Factory is a research and development consortium made up of 25 leading companies and research institutions from nine EU member states. Their objective: Developing the future chemical plant´s prototype. Their method: Combining the advantages of world scale continuous facilities with the flexibility of smaller, batch manufacturing facilities.

F3 means Flexible, Fast, Future. The project is funded by the European Union. It is about strengthening and extending the worldwide technological leadership of Europe´s chemical industry. INOSIM is providing the solutions which can contribute to reaching this ambitious aim.

The project aims to develop strong ideas for sustainability and ecology: The future plant is meant to be much more efficient than today´s production. Combining the efficiency and scalability of world-scale plants with the flexibility of batch plants (thus saving cost and resources) is promising environmental-friendly production together with increased performance. But these days, such an ambitious goal cannot be reached without high-performance simulation technology, able to optimize each single process as well as the overall result.

F3 Factory is projected to be a modular, continuously driven plant, applying wholistic strategies of process intensification, aiming to save resources and energy. Diminishing today´s efforts by 70 to 80 percent appears to be realistic.

And even during research, innovative products are to be generated in F3 Factory: Solvent-free polymers, tensides developed according to specific customer requests, high-class agent intermediates, or innovative materials based on renewable primary products, all leading the way to a more sustainable future.  INOSIM takes part in building this global perspective.

Dr. Christian Bramsiepe, F3 project team leader at the Laboratory of Plant and Process Design at TU Dortmund: “When it comes to process simulation, we rely on INOSIM solutions which through its flexibility allows us to manage all kinds of problems appearing in our projects. This applies for the simulation of continuous processes as well as for the comparison of continuous and non-continuous processes within the same tool. Furthermore, by integrating cost calculation into the simulation, we achieve a continuous calculation flow. Fur our purposes, no other simulation tool provides such a broad range of application as INOSIM solutions do.”

Dipl.-Ing. Peter Balling, managing director of INOSIM: “Applicating our simulation software in the F3 project serves to prove our products scientifically, at the same time demonstrating its mighty potential of performance. Up to now, INOSIM has turned out to be able to design today´s industrial processes in the same manner as it is propelling the search for tomorrow´s chemical plant, in both cases providing lots of options for process automization.”

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