On September 25 and 26, 2012, Würzburg was the location of the Digital Plant Kongress 2012 which was presented by professional journal PROCESS. Over 170 expert visitors there were provided with the latest news all about the Digital Plant. INOSIM consulting services for process engineering were subject to several contributions during the congress.

INOSIM head of consulting Torsten Hellenkamp informed the professional public about the options provided by simulation technology to minimize failure risks within a plant. Simulation technology can anticipate the expectable failure behaviour of a plant. Afterwards, weak points of the process and the unit structure can be eliminated, while maintenance concepts can be generated. The result is a failure-minimized plant which, in times of highly complex modern plant engineering, would not be achievable without simulation technology.

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schembecker (TU Dortmund University) in his lecture presented the newest developments from procedural basic research. As a third way between continously driven large-scale plants and discontinously driven batch plants, in the F3 Factory project an innovative, modular way of producing is developed. It combines the advantages of the traditional production modes - resource efficiency (conti) and flexibility (batch). INOSIM provides the simulation tools by which a quantitative comparison between both production modes can be generated. The result: Modularly structured plants, of which the capacity can be adapted to market conditions, for a more sustainable, faster, and more cost-efficient production.

Annette Kaya and Andrea Uebele (M+W Process Industries) reported on their application of simulation technology in several customer projects. Focal points were the media supply in pharmaceutical processes, delivery rate analyses of multi-product plants as well as the optimization of non-operating and changeover procedures. By selected examples, the contributors demonstrated how simulation can help to gain insight and solutions to the problems arising here.

Peter Balling, INOSIM´s directing manager, put it so: “Even in this year, the Digital Plant Kongress again has detected trendy topics and hot spots in process industries! Each and everyone will find the fitting solutions to his use cases here. Therein, simulation is playing a crucial role all the time.”

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