At the BioTrends Congress 2012, INOSIM was around, providing a booth. Biocatalysis was in the event´s center. Being one of the fastest growing interfacial disciplines, biocatalysis uses enzymes to catalyze synthetic chemical reactions. It combines exquisite selectivity with mild conditions and the ability to tailor the biocatalyst to specific needs.

Sustainability in industrial bioengineering was the second emphasis of the congress. Lectures like “Sustainability - Key driver of innovation”, “Sustainability Evaluation”, or “Sustainable bioprocesses” would enlighten this aspect of biocatalysis.

During the latest years, biocatalysis research has made great progress. Among other fields, this concerns bioengineering, for which INOSIM supplies consulting services. The industrial interest in this new technology is high, since it is offering completely new chances (e. g. in pharmaceutical catalysis). At the same time, holistic approaches and methods are necessary to foster ecological, economical, and social aspects just as well, and to initialize sustainable solutions.

The conference fulfilled its claim of bringing together the world´s leading academic and industrial researchers in the field of biocatalysis for lectures, discussions, and interactions. INOSIM contributed to that by providing information on the advantages of simulation technology in biocatalysis.

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