At the Porphyrins and Porphyrias Conference 2013 in Swiss Lucerne, INOSIM was represented with a professional talk. Katrin Sulzbacher reported on the opportunities of applying process engineering methods for the investigation of the genetic defect Porphyria. With this project, INOSIM is stepping on new paths, extending its applications from process and bioprocessing industries towards the simulation of the human metabolism.

In a cooperation of biologists, doctors and software developers which is unique worldwide up to now, the connections which form the basis of the disturbed metabolic regulation with acute Porphyrias shall be uncovered by applying process simulation. For that purpose, a simulation model was developed which is able to describe the synthesis, consumption, and regulation of the red haemoglobin (haem) in the human liver.

Porphyrias are metabolic diseases on account of a genetically conditioned disturbance in the construction of the haem. The affected persons suffer from symptoms like stomach aches, feelings of sickness, aches in extremities and backs, neuro-logical losses, cramp attacks, or psychiatric symptoms. The Swiss Society of Clinical Chemistry, which organized the conference in Lucerne, is highly involved in the investigation and treatment of Porphyrias.

The general motto of the conference was Personalized Medicine and Rare Diseases. Beside the expert conference which was well visited by about 200 participants from all over the world, there was also a forum for affected persons. About 120 haem patients from 18 countries were given opportunities here for exchanging views and to further information on the state of Porphyria research. INOSIM aims to be involved in the future here, providing another example of the flexibility and the highly varied application cases of our simulation solutions.

Further information on the conference and INOSIM´s contribution is given here. The presentation file from Mrs Sulzbacher´s lecture can be ordered free of charge under the following mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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