A recent proof for the scientific importance of the INOSIM consulting is the assignment of a lectureship by the TU Dortmund University. For years already, INOSIM software has been playing a prominent role there in research, but also in the education of bioengineers and chemical engineers. Now finally, two employees of INOSIM have been entrusted by TU Dortmund University with the realization of a lecture.

In process engineering, the relevance of bioprocesses is constantly growing. In contrast to conventional chemical processes, they are carried out regularly as batch or semi-batch processes, using rather unconventional basic operations. Additional challenges are the biomaterials with their partly unknown compositions, properties, and variations from batch to batch.

In the course bioprocess simulation at the chair for systems engineering and process technology at TU DortmundINOSIM employees Katrin Sulzbacher and Torsten Hellenkamp will introduce strategies for modeling and simulation of bioprocesses, which will be deepened  by application in a production process for a cancer drug. The simulation is carried out with the event-oriented simulation tool INOSIM Professional whose structure, syntax and functions are learnt during the course.

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