-- Economical crisis in many regions of  Europe -- Steady growing climate change, partly caused by an unsufficient reduction of greenhouse gases in our industrial production -- Competitors from outside threaten Europe´s process industries --

More than enough problems throughout Europe. But aiming to find solutions, the EU project TOP-REF has been launched fairly one year ago. In the meantime, the project partners, with INOSIM in their middle, have further developed their first approaches. Recently, TOP-REF has presented its strategic aims for an improvement of the situation on the YouTube platform:

  • Development of specific key resources indicators (KRI) to measure the performance of Europe´s industry
  • Modeling and simulation of the critical process parameters
  • Diagnosis of each critical process to assess their resource efficiency potential
  • Design, integration, and implementation of a monitoring and control system (MCS)
  • Demonstration and validation of the MCS at real conditions

To achieve the desired knowledge, the project will focus on the refining, fertilizer, and chemical sectors. It is expected that all developments will benefit many other sectors. Research objectives are

  • to reduce production costs up to 15 %
  • to improve energy and resource efficiency by 20%
  • to increase the reusability and recycling of materials by 30%

Throughout all project phases, INOSIM consulting will be applied to detect necessary key figures. Until Juli 2017, capable results shall have been achieved. They are expected to pave the way for the European master plan´s SPIRE 2030 objectives of reducing the intensity of non-renewable raw material up to 20% and fossil energy intensity up to 30%.

More detail information on the project is available at the TOP-REF Homepage.

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