Nice´s “Acropolis” was the sight of this year´s ECCE10 (10th European Congress of Chemical Engineering) and ECAB3 (3rd European Congress of Applied Biotechnology). The renowned events took place from September, 26, 2015 until October, 1, 2015. INOSIM, together with our French cooperation partner ProSim, presented the newest solutions and services all around process simulation and process engineering. Within the framework program of the congress, INOSIM gave lectures on current trends in process engineering.

In the center of the congresses were the newest research results and case studies from all areas of chemical and biochemical process engineering. INOSIM contributed by introducing the wide potential of our consulting, showing best practice industrial examples.

  • Multi Constraint Batch Process Design and Scheduling For Pharmaceutical Production (Torsten Hellenkamp / ECCE10)
  • Simulation-Based Strategic Decision Support in Uncertain Supply Chain Systems (Torsten Hellenkamp / ECCE10)
  • INOSIM Process: Simulation-Based Scale-Up of Bioprocesses (Katrin Brandt / ECAB3)
  • Processing Woody Biomass – Pilot Plant and Simulation Prove Feasibility and Profitableness of LX Process (Katrin Brandt (INOSIM), Dr Friedrich Streffer (maxbiogas) / ECAB3)

In particular, our tandem lecture together with maxbiogas found high interest. It gave evidence that, beside established application in chemistry, pharmacy, and biotech, INOSIM is even applied in the area of “Biofuels and renewable Feedstock”. The lectures were accompanied by a trade exhibition, in which INOSIM participated together with cooperation partner ProSim. The academical licenses provided by ProSim and INOSIM especially found great interest by the expert visitors, making the five-day congress a perfect success

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