With its long time project experience, INOSIM is a sought-after partner in national and international scientific research. The latest example for that is our contribution to an AiF project about the influence of electrolytes on liquid-liquid equilibria in extraction processes. During this project,  INOSIM was part of the committee which advised the researchers, focussing on the transferability of results into industrial practice.

The research partners examined how electrolytes have influence on the liquid-liquid extraction in biotechnological purification. As a result of this research, a software was implemented which allows to predict thermodynamical material data for binary, ternary, and quaternary systems (water, solvent, salt, and product), then checking the technological feasibility of a counter current flow reaction. In the view of INOSIM, the project results are highly relevant since in biochemical processes, extraction is a current separation step. The recipe modules which are available by the INOSIM Process Edition model library are describing extraction by a distribution coefficient which up to now had to be detected by literature research or experiments. The new prediction option significantly simplifies the workflow of model generation, thus saving time and money in industrial practice.

A detailed project description, together with specification and funding information (only in German), is available here (PDF download, 33 KB).

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