Representatives of five companies and research institutes, among them INOSIM, joined for the kick-off meeting of new research project Planungsassistenzsystem für modulare Industrie-4.0-Anlagen in der Prozessindustrie (Planning Assistance System For Modular Industry 4.0 Plants In Process Industries), shortly named LEGOLAS. Their common goal is developing a planning assistance system for modular production and logistics.

The project´s reason is a constantly growing trend in process industries for product differentiation and shorter product life cycles. The reason for that lies in increasing market uncertainty: While in the past mostly a few products were demanded constantly over long periods, nowadays markets require permanent innovation. This enforces raised industrial standards in production planning and logistics.

To be able to give prompt answers to rapidly changing demands, modularization of production as well as logistics has become inevitable. While for production reliable solutions have been found in the meantime, there is still a deficit regarding logistics. This issue is focused on by the freshly started LEGOLAS project.

Designing single logistical modules (e. g., modularized filling stations) is a central problem definition of the project. Subsequently it has to be clarified how production systems and their related logistics can be configured, reconfigured, and evaluated near-term. For that purpose, the development of a planning assistance tool named LEGOLAS is projected; it is meant to enable quick configuration of modular production and logistics systems. An evaluation feature which is integrated to LEGOLAS will allow to compare alternative configurations. Finally, the solutions found in the project shall be validated by generic and real-life case studies.

The following steady partners from science and industry build the project team:

Moreover, the intention is to involve further, associated partners from industry. In this context, we are still looking for interested companies. Please feel free to contact us.

The project´s runtime includes June, 2017, to May, 2020.

This project is funded by means of the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE).

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