Just recently, INOSIM has started another research stake. In the project Skalenübergreifende Methodik zur Planung und Entwicklung ressourceneffizienter Prozesse (SkaMPi) (a multi-level methodology for the planning and development of resource-efficient processes), everything is about developing new methods for the optimal design of modular production plants in the process industry. This research has become necessary due to, compared to big plants, less efficient use of energy in case of lower modular plants, which until now resulted mainly from economic reasons.

The project started by the end of last year, having a runtime of overall three years. Experienced and renowned project partners, all from Germany, are by INOSIM´s side, such as Evonik, Merck, AixCape, and Ruhr-Universität Bochum. In the SkaMPi project, INOSIM will focus mainly on developing a tool for early evaluation of several process alternatives by means of our simulation tools.

Christian Sonntag, INOSIM research expert, is looking forward to this further research assignment of ours: “In the chemical industry, energy efficiency still is a great challenge. The results of the SkaMPi project will enable INOSIM to crucially improve the efficiency of the production processes of our customers“.

For further details on this project, see our comprehensive report.

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