A manufacturer of specialty chemicals intended to perform a material flow analysis: With the help of INOSIM software, the continuous production of a chemical precursor and the likewise continuous taking over and further processing of the precursor in a downstream operation were simulated. Failure of a storage tank for the finished precursor was evaluated and threatening production losses in both plants were calculated. Another goal was to improve storage for the simulated plants.

The simulation model contained detailed influencing of the system by maitenance and failures as well as the discontinuous delivery of overproduction to another site. Furthermore, the INOSIM model enabled proceeding examinations on the optimum storage capacity. As a result, a correlation between hypothetic storage capacity and the production volume of the involved sites could be mapped out.

By means of simulation, we enabled our customer to rate possible output losses caused by failure of the storage tank, which led to effective countermeasures. Thus, additional analyses on the optimum storage capacity were employed. At the end of the project, the customer owned precise cost-benefit calculations concerning appropriate dimensioning of the storage.

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