We are happy to announce that Key Stricklin is enhancing our staff as of August, 2019. Owning a Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University, from now on he will be our US customers’ primary contact person for all technical and organizational concerns.
Key Stricklin Is INOSIM´s New U.S. Manager   We have asked Key to characterize himself, and this is what he has answered: “I am aiming to establish a footprint for INOSIM in the USA market now that they have proven to be a dominant technological solution in Europe. I welcome the challenge of starting a new company, the INOSIM Solutions LLC, and will surely exceed INOSIM’s expectations. On a more personal note, I am extremely family oriented and I really enjoy all sport because of the competition (basketball would have to be my favorite). Also, I was born and raised in Dallas, so I am very happy to have our new company located there. Being fresh out of college, I do not believe my work experience truly speaks to my capabilities. Nonetheless, I am a self-motivated team player eager to strengthen the illustrious reputation of INOSIM.”
On behalf of INOSIM, we can assure that all of our customers, especially in the U.S., can look forward to working with a person as qualified and motivated as Key Stricklin!

Peter Balling, INOSIM CEO

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