In a cooperation project with Krupp-Mannesmann, the VDEh Research Institute, and DK Recycling u. Roheisen GmbH, INOSIM is engaged in the application of process simulation in steel and iron industries. For this use case, INOSIM Products shall be further developed in order to improve the Energy Management of metallurgical plants. The hereby enabled energetical analysis of integrated metallurgical plants promises an identification of possible savings. Simulation also helps developing methods for the flexible application of process gas.
During the project, a steel production plant will be emulated in a process model, followed by energetical analysis and comparison to reference plants, thus achieving a realistic evaluation of the plant´s energy efficiency. Furthermore, procedures for the plant´s load control and its participation in a Demand Side Management will be developed, aiming to make conclusions for an optimized production engineering via the simulation. Hereunto, the simulation software together with the contained processing models will be tested throughout the whole project, thus allowing to make forecasts of the energy flow taking place.
It is projected to transfer the developed methods of Energy Management and Demand Side Management to other integrated metallurgical plants and further iron and steel factories afterwards. The newly developed process simulation software will be enhanced by INOSIM, aiming for marketebility. As a result, iron and steel industries in the future will be able to apply their own specialized process simulation software on a large scale – an important step into more efficiency and competitiveness for this energy and resource-intensive industrial branche.
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