Optimizing Bioengineering with INOSIM   Bioengineering provides an extensive spectrum for the production of natural active ingredients. With their partially outstanding properties in pharmacy or cosmetics, these substances are offering a steadily rising market potential. But in life sciences, the road from production to the final user is not always straight. When an ingredient is produced biotechnologically, often it has to be separated from a complex mixture of other substances, followed by elaborate filtration. During filtration, regularly big amounts of waste and effluent occur. Also the energy expenditure which is necessary for the production often becomes critically high.
Regarding the development and optimization of biotechnological processes, INOSIM provides forecasts of mass and energy balances based on little experimental data. Thus in process development, or while improving existing processes, alternative process ideas can be evaluated anticipatory. By being able to look at the complete procedure with the help of our consulting services, you gain good chances of developing resource-saving process ideas and to increase the output of the production.

Our services include the following steps:

  • Generation of mass and energy balances for complete production processes
  • Procedural calculation of single process steps
  • Analysis of process-comprehensive interdependencies
  • Evaluation of alternative process ideas
  • Scale-up support

A press report (only in German) about the role of INOSIM consulting services in bioengineering is available at prozesstechnik online.

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