Accelerating Pharma Process Development with INOSIM   Developing and commercializing pharmaceuticals is a tricky process. Often, years pass from the first product idea over research, development, testing and approval until the market rollout.

Errors made during development may cause economical or technical "headache" to the later production. And still, a majority of projects fails, even because convenient tools for controlling the complex, dynamical processes do not become applied.


INOSIM process analysis accelerates the pharmaceutical product development, lowering costs over the complete course of development and production:
  • Already the product idea can be checked for its technical and economical feasibility by applying simulation.
  • Once the desired substance has been found, we use process simulation to verify the projected production steps. This may reveal cost-intensive production parts, for instance process steps demanding much capital or workforce; even parts with low productivity can be detected. Afterwards, such "Hot Spots" may be strategically replaced by more cost-efficient and productive process alternatives.
  • After running the optimized process in the pilot plant, even the scale-up for mass production is supported by simulation. The simulation model is applied here to emulate the process behavior of the large-scale plant in order to find the modifications required.
  • Along with processing, simulation then is furthermore applied in the commercial prodcution. The process can be permanently optimized, for instance to match the production with altered market conditions or product improvements. Support of the scheduling or debottlenecking under changed production conditions is another application for which simulation is highly convenient.

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