M+W Process Industries, located in Stuttgart, Germany, is a company realizing process and facility solutions for pharmaceutical, chemical, and bioprocessing industries. Their offering covers a complete spectrum of services, reaching from consulting over engineering up to plant construction services.

In bioprocessing, highest quality and maximum safety are urgently demanded. Therefore, M+W now for years has been relying on process simulation based on INOSIM software to foster their planning. This happened for good reason, since the well arranged mapping of complex process dynamics has proven to be an effective, cost-saving, and safe basis of plant design.

Simulation with INOSIM plays different roles within the M+W strategy:

  • They support feasability and concept studies
  • They are used in basic engineering
  • They can be applied in detail engineering

In practise, this means: At first, simulation optimizes the planned plant´s equipment. Then, bottlenecks are detected and the plant´s components are coordinated. At last, the means of production are analyzed. Thus, a database for the reliable design of production, storage, and disposal systems is gained. The whole plant is optimized virtually even before the first real component has been assembled.

The trueness of the simulation is on the one hand based upon planning documents such as flow charts and mass balances. On the other hand, elements of the simulation model - equipment, recipes, order lists, resources and monitoring devices - guarantee reality-true dynamics. After every component of the simulation model has been implemented, multiple simulation runs optimize the plant´s functionality. Within a few minutes or hours, the simulations can be run over virtual days, months, or years.

For the plant operator, valuable answers in technical and economical respect result:

  • Optimized equipment utilization
  • Optimized design of production, storage, and disposal systems
  • Optimized production process, since bottlenecks have been excluded


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