Customer A German enterprise of chemical industries
Project Feasibility study – interconnection concepts in a multi-product plant
Industry Chemical Industry
Solution Type
Plant Design and Optimization
Service Type
Simulation Service
Initial Situation
Analysis of several upgrading/interconnection scenarios of the multi-product plant, aiming to extend the product portfolio
INOSIM Expert Edition
Executed Work Steps Generation of a simulation model of the actual units and of several upgrading scenarios; calculation of the yearly production capacity and of unit allocations; detection of the influences of several upgrading measures regarding the capacities available.
Result As project result, the customer was provided with extensive data regarding the expectable plant capacity in case of several upgrading scenarios. These data were essential for developing an investment plan.
Project Description

In one of the customer´s branches, a manufacturing plant for single-refined products should be upgraded in order to be able to produce even double-refined products. To achieve this, an already refined product has to be driven through one of the reactors again. For that purpose, the customer internally had already developed 8 interconnection scenarios, the influence of which on up to 6 several products had to be analyzed. The appropriate simulation model, developed by INOSIM, covered the following features:

  • the actual units and possible upgradings
  • detailed rules for order prioritization and about the necessity of cleaning steps
  • random generated creation of orders
With this simulation model, based on empirical values from the production, it was possible to generate comprehensive data on the expectable plant capacity for several upgrading scenarios. The customer applied these data as basis for investment planning.
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