Customer Beiersdorf AG, Hamburg, Germany
Project Generic Simulation – one simulation model for all locations
Industry Chemical Industry (Customer Care)
Solution Type
Plant Design and Optimization
Service Type
Simulation Service
Initial Situation
For design and optimization of production plants enterprise-wide, the company lacked an appropriate simulation software.
INOSIM Expert Edition
INOSIM Runtime License
Executed Work Steps Creation of a simulation model for analysis and optimization of the plant configuration, particularly the interconnection with media and utilities. The model structure was generic.
Result By the end of the project, there was a generic model capable to be adjusted to each location via customized input masks, which enabled analysis of each production site.  From now on, adjustment, analysis and optimization can be made autonomously with an INOSIM Runtime License.
Project Description The German Beiersdorf AG operates a multitude of production sites worldwide. They all have in common the sections homogenization - interim storage - filling.

The production of all sites,  including creation, storage, and distribution of purified water and CIP media, was reproduced in the simulation model by the piping network. Also the estimation of the consumption of compressed air, heating steam, and cooling water for the production, the temperature control of the storage tanks, and the distribution of utilities could be realized via the piping network. Specially focused issues where the interconnectivity of the equipment and the connectivity between equipment, media tanks, and utilities. Besides the connectivity, the flow rate limitation of the piping network was covered by the simulation.

The result was a generic model made configurable by customized input masks. Hence (after model extension by INOSIM Expert Edition) with an INOSIM Runtime License, in the future the customer will be able to analyze and optimize  autonomously.

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