Smart Solution: Energy and Resources Efficiency with INOSIM   The global economic performance is in constant growth. Along with it, the consumption of natural resources is increasing. Raw materials run short, their prices rise. The same applies for energy. In the global competition, increased energy and resource efficiency becomes a primal goal, enabling a cost-saving and effective production which is adequate to more demanding ecological standards.

In process industries, energy efficiency, raw material productivity, recycling and waste reduction are key features. Therefore, INOSIM  optimizes your plant´s energy and resources efficiency.

To improve energy and resources efficiency in process engineering, we provide diverse options:

  • Analysis of plants and processes:
    • Identification of weak points in production which consume too much energy or resources
    • Checkout of alternative plant design and process alternatives
    • Optimization of plants and processes with the aid of parameters provided by the simulation
  • Development of novel production procedures:
    • Predicting models provide significant input data for efficiency analysis.
    • Process variants are evaluated regarding raw material consumption.
    • Process simulation provides mass and energy balances showing if novel procedures save energy, resources, and costs (with identical or increased output).
  • Optimization of recycling procedures:
    • By energy and resource optimized plants and processes, a priori there is less application of energy and less process waste.
    • The remaining application of energy kann be furthermore minimized by heat integration.
    • By optimizing the recycling procedures, the simulation makes sure that the remaining process waste can be better exploited for further use in the production.

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