Our Process Analysis is Clearing the Way from Laboratory to Production   In design and enhancements of process production, regularly questions like these occur:
  • By which dimensions, scale-up has to be carried out?
  • Which operational costs may result due to the chosen process variant?
  • How can several production concepts and process alternatives be evaluated best?
With scale-up – the development of the production procedure out of laboratory scale – simple scale extensions almost never lead to optimal production. This problem is matched by our process analysis:
  • Predictive models provide significant data concerning the required process time and unit dimensioning.
  • Process variants are evaluated regarding raw material and energy consumption, or waste generation.
  • Charts and reports show the dynamics and interdependencies of unit allocations and production processes.

We minimize your operational and working costs as well as the costs for material, waste treatment, and disposal, for auxiliaries (e. g., heating, cooling, energy) plus further cost units. Even bottlenecks (e. g., demand for manpower, raw materials, supply with heat, cold, or energy) are detected very easily by simulation, leading to an highly effective process engineering.

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